The girl next door (#7)

There are days when I have nothing to share and there are days when I have so much to share.
I was wondering in Delhi at 47°C when it rained yesterday it was just amazing. The temperature came down to 26°C in the morning and by afternoon it was 35°C ( and I sound like I am doing a weather report) anyway so I just clicked a few pictures yesterday ( not generally but if my photographer mode gets activated I end up clicking anything that I like ). So this is a view from my friends balcony and her money plant ( vintage filter)




P.s. the view with auto rickshaw was the hardest we had auto passing and before clicking they would go, so.



I am a person with the most self contradicting personality -shy till I don't know you.quiet till you are a stranger.impulsive.dreamer. I don't talk much to express myself I would rather write,draw ,paint or sketch . Mammas girl( and proud of that). there's not anything thing fancy about me.

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