The girl next door (#10)

Why do relationships end ? ,
No relationship ever is weak enough to break just like that , however no ego is big enough to not let go off . At least it isn’t bigger than that person whom you’ve had a fight with.


           When a relationship dies –

When you aren’t wrong ,
When things aren’t right .
When people are gone ,
No reasons for fight.
When you are scared to loose,
You hold on so tight.
That’s when a relationship dies .
When things aren’t clear,
Between those who are dear.
When love is at stake,
Hatred wide awake.
When you don’t want to speak,
Anger is at its peak.
When ego assumes its greatest heights,
When nobody tries.
That’s when a relationship dies .
When you make attempts,
But get no response.
When you want them to stop ,
And mend this at once .
That’s when the
Severed ties over the past ,
One day Bleed to death and breath their last.
              – Samridhi

©Samridhi Dutta

P.s. I know I don’t usually give such summaries before the poems because I want everyone to relate to the content of that poem on a more personal level.
I choose not to hint what it means to me for while reading it I want you not to keep that summary in mind but to make a summary of your own ( back to square one # girl next door (1) was about that ). Anyway the thing is sometimes somethings are there which we know but we need someone to tell us , because even after knowing it our ego doesn’t let us act in that manner.
” 1.)I had a fight with my friend the issue wasn’t big it could’ve been solved in two days but EGO , the other person will be the first to apologize it took me two years of waiting to finally realise it doesn’t matter who the first person is ,who bends, in a long run what will count is I have my friend back. ” ego -0, sammy-1
“2.) I have Another friend we had a fight I tried solving it but he shut me away.”
Still Sammy -1 , and ego -0
For my friend ,doesn’t know my value to  loose me to keep his ego .
That thing in inverted commas was something I had to tell.

Okay so I just thought today at the end of this post I will be giving you guys an email address you can mail me there and tell me your opinions on hangouts or just mail whatever, thank you.
So the email Id –
And you can have a good laugh I actually misspelled my own name as
“Samrdhi Dutta” while making that id.
How do I even make such a fool out of myself , I wonder . Who on earth mispells their own name.:'(?



I am a person with the most self contradicting personality -shy till I don't know you.quiet till you are a stranger.impulsive.dreamer. I don't talk much to express myself I would rather write,draw ,paint or sketch . Mammas girl( and proud of that). there's not anything thing fancy about me.

38 thoughts on “The girl next door (#10)

    1. Nhi khi nhi ulghi khud me.
      Tangles aren’t meant to stay. And thank god for family and friends , whenever I am low and need to bounce back they are there for me.
      Isliye I never stay in the same ‘uljhan situation for long’


      1. everyone have many affinities(brother,sister,friends,parents much more) ,but it depend upon him how he face his problem , if he surrounded by negative ripples then everything happens in negative but if he is surrounded by postive ripples then everything is going good, no one can help you its totally depend upon you how you face your problem, people’s only motivates you but all work do by yourself if you have control over your mind then you will get good ensuing .

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      2. That’s what I said they help me bounce back to normal. And I don’t write owing to a certain feeling but I write anything that I feel at a certain point of time ,and I am lucky to be surrounded by positive people the thing with me is I am very up front about my liking and my disliking so I never get too affected by anything. Because I am vocal about it .

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      3. Samridhi …मैंने आप की बात नहीं की मैंने सबकी बात की और सब एक जैसे नहीं होते । अगर होते तो पूरी दुनिया में 800000 लोग हर साल सुसाइड से नहीं मरते बाकि तुमने जो लिखा है बहोत ही उम्दा मुझे ख़ुशी है की हम आपको फॉलो करते है ।।

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      4. Sorry kushal the thing with me is I reply very straight forwardly irrespective of its meant for me or generally I am shy by nature but when I keep my view I keep it straight unrefined. And 8 billion people , those who commit suicides I don’t think I should say anything about them because suicide toh Donald trump bhi kr skte the when he ran into a debt trap, and Steve jobs bhi kr skte the jab unhe unke company se nikala. From where I see it people my age end Their lives for petty reasons and people have big reasons but it’s still not big night I believe for them to end their lives but then you see paradise everywhere if you are in a happy zone. So my views are mine .
        And thank you so much for following me I am happy you are happy about following me . I read that interview post of yours. You are great .😊
        ( your hindi is great, I toh get confused figuring out
        Bottle meri hoti hai ya mera 😂)

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      5. Hahahah सही कहा जो इंसान वास्तुकला ,स्पोर्ट्स प्लेयर, प्रोड्यूसर, और अब एक बेहतरीन लीडर है जिसकी और इश्क़ भी जनाब ने खूब लड़ाए है फिर भी वो मरने की कोशिश कर सकता है तो एक रिक्शा चालने वाला जो किसी दूर शहर जा के रहता है बस अपने परिवार का पेट पालने के लिए रात में सड़क पे सोता है की उसका परिवार सही से सोऔर खा सके और फिर भी मरने की कभी नहीं सोचता शायद उसपे भी कई ऋण मैं ऐसे व्यक्तियो को ट्रम्प साहब से ऊपर रखूँगा।। बाकि अपनी सोच है वैसे हमारी डिबेट सुसाइड पे नहीं हो रही थी खैर इस चीज़ को यही ख़त्म करते है , और अगले पोस्ट का इंतज़ार रहेगा ।।

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      6. Okay and wait hindi
        Umeed hai apko mera apko apke naam se bulana kharab nhi laga.
        And well I look up to Steve jobs so sticking to that example come what may and Donald trump no matter what,that man has crossed limits of rascism. So yeah lets end it .
        Ap example koi bhi lelo the point still remains the same.
        Bye night .
        Not a debate sir I will call it a discussion and I am open to such discussions anytime.

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      7. जी शुभ रात्री और हा debate aur discussion में मुझे कोई फ़र्क नहीं दिखता दोनों सामान है बस postive aur negative ka khel hai 😋😋😋😋😋

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  1. Wonderful poem Samridhi ! Loved it…..also made me think, and that’s something wonderful 🙂 Also, as long as you’re the one mis-spelling your name it’s atleast close to the original. You can’t imagine the horrors people have done with mine ! 😛

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    1. Thank you Advaita,and no it’s not okay even when I am misspelling it
      I mean I made my id. I am like wait something is unusual I am looking at everything reading the first mail from Google I am like something isn’t right I am reading the mail again 5 mins later…..
      ” ‘I’ kaha hai mere naam me Ek ‘I’ nhi hai ” 😨
      “I wrote this name 😒😫”.

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      1. It’s okay I write whenever I feel like according to my mood
        My friends are like *happy mood poem*- you are in love
        * sad mood poem*- you had a break up .
        I am like I never looked at them this way
        Without a guy I am in love and having break ups .

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      2. Hahahaha. I once actually wrote a post so that people stopped asking me ‘who was she?’ XD I included that in my about page 😛 lol


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