A Letter

I know he has already checked my blog for anything new is posted or not After all a person who wakes up at 4am, and does the maximum amount of his work till 9 am just read my blog for something new in all that time.
You know Vivek ( Vivsum for me ) is the best kind of person and friend he’s such a simple person with no complications if you get him but if you don’t he’s like a jig-saw puzzle you can never solve
And that also comes with a condition whether or not he wants you to know him. Yeah that’s the way he is,
If he doesn’t want you to know him..you’ll think as if you know a lot but for a fact you’ll know nothing about him. In your own curiosity you’ll make up stuff that suffice your eagerness to know him.
Anyway so here’s to the most amazing guy I have ever known

Dear Vivsum ,
So umm ,
Well I don’t really know where should I start from I know you’ve read this blog of mine and you’d probably return shaam me please when you do and when you read this leave a comment no otherwise people will think you are an imagination XD .** although no matter how creative I am I can’t create something as amazing as you** .
Vivsum I have mentioned our first meeting to you so many times
The one in the right side lift when I stood between the doors which were shutting and walked with the closing doors ( stupid me )
And you pulled me inside the lift gave me the :?” what were you doing there?” look..”doors ke beech me kya walk Laga rhi thi itni si jagha me??” You must have thought I am sure
And I gave you the 😅 ” hehe mujhe nhi pta Kuch bhi” look  And I thought to myself “thank god for him mai zinda hu..pichki nhi doors ke beech me because of him”( LOL 😂😂)
then our second meeting where I asked you your name and you asked me how’s my 12th coming along and I started off told you about stuff people usually don’t tell people when they are meeting them the first time like – how I flunked that maths test with  24 marks on 100 because I didn’t study at all I was irritated
How that teacher of mine made a student say ‘I love you’ to her  because you must love your guru ( logic man )
How I wanted to be a lawyer but my relatives kept saying its not a good option and how you listened to me with all that patience and how you said all that you did
I still remember that
” so what if you are a commerce pass out if you want to do law what’s the problem ,if people don’t think its good enough it shouldn’t matter because its you who has to do it in the end so better do what you feel like doing . Mai bhi science se hu but I want to do Law so.. moreover you want to be a writer right so why not ..go for what ever you feel like why there’s this apprehension?. ”
And then how you said to that ‘I love you’ teacher  thing I told you
” menopause”. I was like science and you said ” bio”
I remember every detail of every thing we have done together the first walk which was so sudden when we met I was coming back from my tuition and we met we walked and we were talking and we talked crazy stuff *ap 31st ki party me jaoge*
When you encouraged me to give in for the PE practical which I did and it was worth it and I showed you that epic high jump
During boards
8:15 pm at night 3 months of knowing you my boards going on March is the month the day is a problem 😅..boards no itna yaad nhi hai date Ab .  But if I am not wrong because BSt. Ke boards ke baad I had my next board 14th ko maths and 17th ko accounts so it was between 4th to 12th March for sure anyway
So we are walking and we already know some of the deepest ..sad and hurting   stuff about each other’s past which is why we connect so strongly you tell me stuff ..about rehaan about your childhood and I tell you about the bus wala incident..losing Dadi..my friends leaving me when I needed them and all that stuff ..
I come across someone so different but so much like me for the very first time.
But I and you we both knew we weren’t willing to give in to this friendship till we were sure where it goes. Because deep down we Both had lost a lot of people we ever got attached to and weren’t willing to trust anyone or get attached easily. But look where we are today.
I keep writing for you..waise bhi and keep mentioning you but this one this not the usual mentions
Vivsum I am so glad that you accept me the way I am, you don’t judge me
And you give me new reasons to laugh and smile every single day you give me a new amazing topic to discuss about
From Hillary Clinton and Donald trump, to
Fukushima tsunami
From internship in the UN’s N.Y. headquarters to your internship ( which you haven’t started yet)
When I tell you I’d need dad’s reference because I won’t get a internship for the first two years of my college and I really want to go for internships during my college vacation in the coming months and you say you’d help me with that I thank myself once again ” thank you for giving your self a chance to be the best friend of this adorably amazing person”.
You know when I tell you how I discussed about “Make in India” in my. Class like the only one who spoke was me and it was a one to one discussion with the lecturer while other just kept staring and I can sense that smile and happiness in your voice on the other end of the phone I feel so.. so happy because you are happy because I am happy and that just multiplies my
In that one moment.
You know when you said that the fact that I want to know what goes in your mind means a lot to you all I wanted you to know is that I want to know what goes in there because if there’s something that worries you or makes you sad or any thing I want you not to deal with it alone …You don’t have to you know.
God I can’t tell you how much I laugh about that day when you were upset and made me have ice cream. My god ! How I said sorry and You didn’t listen.
My only regret from that day remains as it is it won’t go.When you walked away to make me feel how you did when I walked away without saying anything. I had made such a mess that day.I am so sorry !. when you said you had the best time with me on 18th June I thought “ye kya bol rha hai how much I  embarrassed him , mere kitne tantrums the maine kitna drama kiya ” . Then when I said I won’t go with you phir se because I might get you embarrassed and then you said ” I can never “.I felt really really good.
Vivek I don’t really know what all I need to thank you for what all I need to mention and what all to miss. You know
You are the best kind of person you know you are sweeter than sugar syrup( I have named him SUSY…he isn’t going to be happy with this name becoming public so SU:- su-gar , SY:- sy-rup )and you are so amazing ,you are adorable you know…You are crazy and so tall.
You are crazy ,you are my best friend and I love every single moment I have with you every memory,you give me unexpected compliments you make me proud of myself and you have made me see things I didn’t alone, you have talked to me about stuff I want to know I want to talk , you tell me such great things ,you have made me realise how amazing I can be but you really over rate me at times.
You and I have a lot in common, we are so similar that it makes me scared Some times how can we really have that much in common.
Oh my god !
Although you have read the poem but I will post it for others to read-

It’s crazy it’s amazing
Because when you came in
Things have been changing
I am more often smiling and laughing
Not used to weeping
I can cry my heart out to you
And then you you’ll make me laugh till my stomach hurts
This is us
How to describe no words exact enough?
I can’t hide from from you I am hurt even if I try
You won’t sleep till you know there’s even a single tear in my eyes
I can’t tell you how glad I am to have you in my life
I don’t know how you know me more that I know me
I am crazy that’s so me
But I am glad I have you with me you stand beside and
Lol don’t even deny knowing me.
It’s crazy its amazing
Because when you came in things have been changing

©Samridhi Dutta

Remember I told you about the card I made for him here’s a glimpse




I gave it to him a day before my eye surgery I was scared but we met after 15 mins he made me laugh so hard..he made me forget every thing about that surgery
He let me win three times in thumb wrestling(he says I won fair and square.. Liar – the cutest one though )

“Happy friendship day”, Vivek .
Thank you for being there. You are everything I could imagine in a friend everything I could ask for.
I have to put it up now because tomorrow if I get late in waking up which I am for the past three days he’d have checked this blog and found nothing.😅😅
Happy friendship day to all of you guys
Have a blast tomorrow
Apologies to
Shonessa and V.ananya I will respond to your nominations really soon
I promise



I am a person with the most self contradicting personality -shy till I don't know you.quiet till you are a stranger.impulsive.dreamer. I don't talk much to express myself I would rather write,draw ,paint or sketch . Mammas girl( and proud of that). there's not anything thing fancy about me.

14 thoughts on “A Letter

  1. Samridhi, I felt nice afetr reading this letter. Lucky u and this guy to be together ❤ . And your greeting..i can see the dedication thorugh which u have made it spending hours on it :). God bless u both 🙂

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  2. Wonderful letter, such a lovely gesture that card! Vivek my friend, you’re lucky to have Samridhi as your best friend. Vivek, please drop a comment on this post it doesn’t seem like a letter to an imaginary friend! Lol….Just kidding 😉 Cheers Samridhi, well written straight from the heart! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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