So firstly this post is for V.Ananya and Shonessa

Your award nominations

A-Z post and Black Cat blue Sea award are combined sorry .

Before I write

I’d like to  thank both of them for their nominations and for keeping up with the mostly busy and slightly moody little me ( being outrightly honest there )



                       A-Z post

I have been nominated for it by V.Ananya you can visit her blog Ananya World

I am surprised by the things we have in common * I love Japanese anime so much* the seven deadly sins, strike the blood , Naruto, Kings, code geass etc etc.


So the award thanks for the nomination here you go –

A – age : 17 as of now two months later it’s a different story altogether XD

B- biggest fear: anything with more than 4 legs no and antennas.

C- current time – 8:26 pm

D- Drink you last had : just before it water , before that tea, before that more water…which ever you like is the last drink

E- Everyday starts with : I’ll take over the world today..Damn ! This travelling makes me tired. ( lol that’s quick XD ) .

F- Favorite song- there are many however to name one -Army ( it reminds me of me and my best friend in every way every line)

G- ghosts are real – you bet they are !!!

H-hometown – Delhi

I- in love with – umm..the food my mom cooks , the crazy moments I have with my family, discussions I have with dad, teasing my chotu sis, smiling with my best friend without saying a word because silence is another language we speak and others look at us like :/, the hazelnut coffee with extra sugar and a lot more

J-jealous – no never jealous

K- killed someone – mentally yeah , I have a very violent sort of thought process but a calm personality , I am not angry at people easily( you know you need to balance it out somewhere )

L-last time you cried – i don’t cry a lot but I cry once in a while since I’ve lots of mood swings sometimes I amcrying and I don’t even know why?. XD

M-middle name – if I had to have a middle name it’d be mom’s name

Like –

Samridhi -Monika- Dutta

It’s because of her that I am without her I have no identity , you know 7th July was her birthday I planned to do big stuff post something couldn’t because of admissions and everything

I didn’t have time for her on her birthday I was tired and busy half the day passed I got her a cake , she as always said your wishes are enough you don’t have to do all this.

I mentioned it because I really mean it when I say – she didn’t do many things she could’ve including her masters , a high paid job because she wanted us to have her time and attention

She gave all her self to raising us and she has a major role in making me who I am.

N- number of sibling – 1 younger sister

O- one wish – I don’t know 😅

P- person you last called – Vivek my best friend

Q- question you’re always asked – I am asked plenty of questions yet the mostly asked question – are you sure ? XD

R- Reason to smile – many

S- sounds that irritate me – people chewing like cows ( chap chap chap )

Loud burp, unnecessary honking .

T- time you woke up – 5am

U – too embarrassed to write this one sorry.

V- vacation destination – well I’d like to go to Iceland ( having seen the pictures I like it a lot )

W- worst habit – self criticism

X- x-ray you last had – in 2014 lower back and left leg following an injury that caused pressure on the veins ( keeps getting relapsed occasionally. )

Y- your favorite food -( home cooked )

  Rajma, bhindi , aloo and kadhai chicken

Z- zodiac – scorpion.

And the three people I will nominate for this

– Sumit.

– Shonessa.

– Advaita

* you don’t have to answer the ‘U’

However if you feel you are not going to shy away on reading the question it says

– underwear color (:oops: type krne me hi I go all red )



Now the black cat blue sea award nomination by Shonessa

Thank you Shonessa for the nomination sorry for my late response

              BLACK CAT BLUE SEA

So the three questions I’ve been asked are

1. What’s been the best moment in this year so far ?

– okay there’s this moment when your dad’s proud of you my moment was a few days back we were switching channels and dad saw the movie titled “the girl next door “, he’s like “arey this is sma’s blog by the way I read your blog haven’t written any thing new kya baat hai ?” Pure Treasure that moment . and if I am allowed more mentions after all the scrutiny get through the college admission procedure my god! priceless. And there’s this moment my first outing with my bestie to C.P on 12th of august (amazing )

He made me try hazelnut cappuccino and I added so much sugar to it..but it was good sweet but good having said that we only had half the coffee from our mug half from each others because he had a regular cappuccino with very less sugar ( worked wonders after a having half of hazelnut with too much sugar , but that’s not the same case if you do otherwise although he said it was okay..I wonder how ?? XD)

2. If you had to be in a reality show which one would you choose ?

– I am not a television person so I don’t know what all is there, but I’d like to go on one that has supernatural encounters. I saw one on AXN way back I don’t remember the name .

3. On first day of ruling the world what would you do?

– Okay

1. Get 10 rolls Royce

5 for my family ( one for me , my dad,my mom , my sis, my Scott ( my doggy) )

3 for my bestie , uncle and aunty

2 bonus

And a life time agreement of getting any number of Rolls Royces whenever I want

2. A trip to all the places I want to go with family

3. Arrange for a trip to iceland with my bestie ( his favorite place )

4. Buy the Neverland mansion of Michael Jackson

5. Open schools in remote areas of the world help the refugees find a place they can call there’s and get back to a normal life

6. Isis and all these terror groups I will eradicate them

And establish peace every where

7. No more weaponry

8. Get all my books published and made into movies

9. Get a island in my name

10. Get Elon Musk to meet my best friend.

11. Pet one from each of the big cats ( tiger , lion , cheetahs etc etc .)

12.make earth saamba world.

Not doing any further saamba world indicates I will look like an idiot if I wrote any further 😅.

I’ll let my nominees know

Here I am done with my awards

Sorry for being late hope you guys don’t mind.

Have fun good night current time 11:49pm accounts book lying before gotta get back to work have fun tomorrow everyone.

Goodnight .



I am a person with the most self contradicting personality -shy till I don't know you.quiet till you are a stranger.impulsive.dreamer. I don't talk much to express myself I would rather write,draw ,paint or sketch . Mammas girl( and proud of that). there's not anything thing fancy about me.

15 thoughts on “Awards

  1. Hahaha…. I can’t stop laughing due to dome of those answers! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Loved the rest too, quite sweet answers just like you. πŸ˜œπŸ‘πŸ‘ Also thanks for the nomination, ab A to Z pura alphabets yaad karna padega fir se! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œ I’ll ping you when I post it. (By the U ke liye ye under ki baat hai bolke avoid kar leti pagli πŸ˜‚)

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