The girl next door (#23)

The phone call

My attempt at short stories after 2 years I hope you guys like it.
As you read ahead


“If you love him ,accept it  Aura!”

The voice other side sounds hollow , broken and hurt; so much that it seems numb and resistant. Finally  after being asked to accept the very thing that seems better off denied , the voice says in a low unwilling tone from the other side 

” Acceptance , probably the hardest word . Especially when you are trying to convince your self to not feel any thing at all, for anyone , you want to negate the very fact that what you never wanted to happen, has happened . You’ve brought it upon yourself and the worst part no means to get out of it.
You aren’t even sure about the person being right for you , you aren’t even sure if you’ll last for some time.
But you keep convincing your self every single moment to not give in you are trying hard , harder than you thought . It just turns out complicated you’re going to bed crying , you know its not right
Or at least you want to believe it’s not right just so you can stop feeling the way you do…”

” and ..?”

” and then he enters then the scene is set he enters and all the wrongs seem right , it doesn’t matter you are being played with or not , your feelings are right or not.
The if or if nots all seem to be pointless,
He makes everything seem perfect. He’s got all the skill . You are falling for him every moment harder and harder.
Even when you know he’ll not turn to look back.
Even when you know he’ll not catch you even when he knows you’ve fallen for him.
When you know all that you’ll ever get is hurt, even though you know there’s Nothing you can do,say or be ;to be perfect for him while he’s perfect for everyone .
When you know how you must stop. You even try but some how every time you go back to the same old thing.
This is why I hate them , I hate them because they are all players, I hate them all ..because….
I love him ( her voice begins cracking up) and I hate him because I know it was all planned this is how he wanted it, me falling for him. Him telling me – I don’t think we’ll have anything more than we do now , I don’t know how you thought of it , but I must tell you it’s never happening , we’re never happening .
And when I hear those words Kruti , I know I will be broken , I know I’ll be shattered , and I’ll pick those pieces alone . I know , I know it all and I am still voluntarily giving in to that  break – my – heart – to – a – million pieces session with Naksh Singhania
The perfect guy who’ll turn your world around and then turn away. And why am i so sure because before I loved him we were close ..close friends . I’ve seen him and everything he can ever be , everything he’s ever been. I’ve been there beside him. And I know I’ll never end up with him. He’s a player , he did this to me and he won’t even catch me as I fall hard for him..( a long sigh and sobs are heard , she broke down .)”
Accept it Aura it’s never happening and move on ..okay ?”
“I hate him ..he brought out those feelings he never meant to be mutual, he brought out the vulnerable side he was never going to acknowledge , he made me feel the emotions ,even when he knows that I don’t want to  because they make you weak and vulnerable , now  that I am weak and vulnerable he isn’t even going to be there ..I hate him because …I love him so much that I can’t let him go but he will leave “.
” Aura..?? Don’t cry”
Beep ..Beep the phone vibrates
” its him I’ll call you back Kruti”

” hi Naksh..( were you crying ?) no no I wasn’t crying ..( I texted you )
Yeah I saw the text you wanted to meet me today ..( Yeah I wanted to tell you something over coffee ) I am sorry I couldn’t meet you so what was it
( if you met me it would’ve been dramatic anyway ..I wanted to tell you something )
Yeah ..( There’s a girl I like..I guess I love her )
* keeps her hand on the Mic as she breaks down *
( won’t you ask who’s she..hello.. hello ..Aura)
*She is crying and then she breathes and with tears in her eyes she says forcing her self to sound normal as she says *
Who?..( hmm’re here thank god!)
Yeah ..( she’s amazing she’s like no one else can ever be without even trying she’s pretty ..with her I feel all the things will set themself right , she makes me feel alive before her I was just breathing, in all the lot I missed her , I missed the one girl who is the one she doesn’t care about money she doesn’t want expensive she is there with me ,for me and not for what I have  she doesn’t care  about those things , she’s there with me for who I am and not  for what I can give her..we have our college prom..and I want to ask her out ..I wanted to get her a dress I just don’t know the colour she’d like ?”)
So what do you want from me? *she says angry..irritated and breaks down *
( the colour you’d like  your dress to be in.)
There’s silence..nothing said any further no questions asked ..
Naksh.. ( shh..I love you ..and you are the best thing that ever happened to me all you’ll tell me is your favorite colour ..and yes don’t you cry  as I hang up now because I’ve to go now .. okay. )
Okay ! ( I love you ..I’ll call you back in a while be prepared with your favorite colour and brand preference forever 21, mango , Zara..)
I got it ..I got it ( laughs)
..the call hangs up.

Thanks for reading do let me know how it was
© Samridhi Dutta.



I am a person with the most self contradicting personality -shy till I don't know you.quiet till you are a stranger.impulsive.dreamer. I don't talk much to express myself I would rather write,draw ,paint or sketch . Mammas girl( and proud of that). there's not anything thing fancy about me.

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