The girl next door (#39)

The Pages from her diary

I can’t begin to describe how much I hate her at first I loved her but now ,I hate her because he said – I think I’m in love and when the mystery unfolded – he was talking about you , you –nutella .

Dear Nutella,

I’ve no personal issues with you but just so you know he’s mine. He’s mine. I won’t share him with anyone. See there’s only place for one of us and I’m already here so you NUTELLA you are not welcomed , I swear I’ll put you on my  bread and eat you for lunch if you tried to come. More over there’s already a lot of complication – he doesn’t want anyone to fall for him I don’t say I love him or any thing that’s a lot for me and him to take I mean we’re too young to be in love but there’s definitely something , I’ve already jumped from the plane called sanity and am already falling ,more like free falling sky diving now. I don’t even know whether I jumped with a parachute or not ,neither do I know he’ll catch me or not. It’s insane but I’m taking the risk hoping he’ll keep the promise and catch me or at least jump from the plane and accompany me in my free fall venture (he’s too sane he won’t do it I know though). But anyway you are not welcome as long as I’m there. 

I swear the day he made that confession more like joke – I started crying.

You must read this carefully what he said as he described you –

He said 

You know I think I’m in love,

He was coming back from this event and so I thought he fell love with the theme of the event he already loves “peace” a lot, among us  I’m the one who fights a lot he is always the one who gets to say – Peace out.

But no it wasn’t peace.

then I said if it was the speaker 

no not the speaker too  

He said – I thought I’ll fall in love 10 years later and all , But he realised that he’s been in love all this while.

I was praying dear god please not anyone else but me , me . Please .

I asked and asked , he was still not done with the puzzle .

I gave up.

he said you know- she smells like hazelnut and cocoa.

And He Said – I feel like eating her

I was like – she must use Vaseline Cocoa Butter lotion

But then I named few things we eat that smell the same – chocolate,pastry and all.

I was like – such desires she arouses.

By then I was sure he’s not talking about me he’d not give such descriptions about me ever. I’m glad. I’d break his jaw if he says that. 

I asked who she was named all his exes that I knew because he said she’d been in his life before me so he said no on all the names and now I felt really bad it’s a proper girl he said and it’s not me , it’s not his exes but she’d been there in his life before me.

But then I knew he’s never going to feel for me. How do I explain it to my heart, who didn’t get it so I started crying.

Then I wiped away my tears and saw the screen 

I said – okay I don’t want to know 

he said – she’s going to be my friend if she’s his girlfriend

I said: I don’t want  her to be my any thing she’d make  you more happy than I do. You’d have better times with her 

he said : I and my  girlfriend would be different than , I and you.

I said : as if I don’t know.  

He sent me your pic nutella after a little more talking I swear that was the day and today I go to the supermarket and I feel like pushing the entire nutella jar shelf and see you break into pieces and leak.
I’m sorry I sound very hateful 

that’s because I do hate you , kindly maintain a safe distance from him.


The girl who wrote the diary 

and  also 

Dear He -in -the- above- letter,

I don’t give a damn about nutella and doughnuts and pastry and cakes, all I want you to know is I don’t want to share you ,

you’re a treasure I want to keep to my self.

I’m sorry for all  the things I do wrong .

thank you that you remember only the ones that I do right, and secretly make better the mess I make and then say- I never mess up .

However , it’s going to be amazing if you do react and express , lose calm ,share things , get mad and give me a chance to say peace out. 

It’s okay if you don’t catch me or jump and join me in the free fall venture I know you love your sanity and wouldn’t do something so insane.

but please say no to nutella , please.

no nutella as long as I’m there when you want nutella ask me to leave I will because there’s space for only one.

I know I don’t get to decide who takes how much space but still please, No. 

Merry Christmas


the girl who wrote the diary 

© Samridhi Dutta.

Merry Christmas people I hope I brought a smile on your faces with that write -up,

Have an amazing Christmas and all my best wishes for the year ahead 🎅🎄🎉🎈❤






I am a person with the most self contradicting personality -shy till I don't know you.quiet till you are a stranger.impulsive.dreamer. I don't talk much to express myself I would rather write,draw ,paint or sketch . Mammas girl( and proud of that). there's not anything thing fancy about me.

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