The girl next door (#42)

SCOTT – the most amazing being in my chaotic world, he gives me new reasons to smile , he’s my energetic ball of fur. He’ll turn 6 this year on 2nd of June.   

This crazy creature is 5years and 7 months old 

He came to change my world five years back 45 days old crazy puppy he had a skin disease back then he consumed paint and so it reacted he was my dad’s boss’s dog they named him – Rodeo :p eww ( Miley Cyrus named her dog Rodeo – you know I don’t know why I never got that name right it always came out as *Radio*)

Scott in one of his candid pics 😂 , he’s so cute I literally pull his cheeks 😘

So he came to stay with us for 10 days then he had to be sent back as his reaction to paint as it was earlier assumed wasn’t actually a reaction to paint and rather it was – something he inherited it was in his genes like one of his parents had it , the doctor said it’s going to take a lot of effort to treat him so he told dads boss if he was willing to only then he should keep him or send the dog back to Calcutta( he came from Calcutta). 

So 10 days got over and I realised this 45 days old was going to leave the next day that entire day I cried lying on my bed my face in my pillow , I didn’t want him to go next day ,I had to send him off so 10 days huh he got fat in those 10 days I realised carrying him in my arms was a difficult task he weighed a lot for a 2 month old dog he kept slipping and this crazy puppy had developed a bad habit he had his bed but he’d not sleep in it he’d come out of it and then he’d start demanding to be held in our arms or he’d want to get into your lap and only then like a kid you’d keep moving your hand through his fur as he slept in your lap growing up if he wakes up and he wakes up because of your talking his childhood habits get reactivated and he wants to put his head in your lap and you keep moving your hand through his fur and he sleeps the moment your hand stops he opens his eyes wide up staring at you – Why did you stop ?.

So well that’s Scott and he’s with my sister( siddhi) and did I mention my dog is camera shy 😂😂

Anyway so I had to send him but – there was this case where two pugs died so airlines said that they’d only send Scott back when a human accompanied so dad’s boss said he won’t spend that much for sending him back plus me and my sister loved the dog so he offered papa to keep Scott .And Friday afternoon Scott went Saturday he came 

I was at school I came back to find him sleeping , oh my tears of joy rolled down this puppy woke up to look at me crying and came to me , I cuddled him took him in my lap , he jumped got his chu-chu bottle , his ball everything we were both ecstatic I could understand how he felt because I felt no different .

I was told by Maa he didn’t eat anything last night and he was so angry that we sent him yesterday he went to pee all around the house. 

So now he was going to stay here with me 🙈❤

Did you see those two teeth they are what we call dunny teeth – I mean dogs can’t have bunny teeth right ?😘❤😍

This crazy puppy would start howling at 3 in the night – he wants to poop ,I remember I took him out at that time thrice – in my night suit once I wore my dad’s chappal in one foot and my chappal in one and I didn’t realise it till I went downstairs , I went down left him in a side lawn he is crazy as I told you he pooped and then he started running here and there and then at 3am , when no body except society watchman is awake there’s a girl of 13 running behind her puppy in different sized slippers.Then he grew up now unlike other dogs Scott wants to take the leash in his mouth as soon as he is made to wear the leash he starts fighting he wants to hold it all himself he wants to take in his mouth the entire leash including the space meant for me to put my hand I go like 😑-” why don’t you go alone then , what do you need me for ?”

Scott will never pose for the camera like that the secret is – I’m holding a biscuit right behind the phone and he’s looking at the biscuit not me 😂😂😂

Then he walks his face facing me – he walks backward and he is at war like – give me this leash it’s mine. He’s jumping here he’s jumping there ,he’s pulling me, he’s running people look at me like 😶 – what’s happening?  , I look back at them like – 😅 lots happening .

So there’s this one time my sis ,Scott and I went for a walk , so Scott has some fascination with the Nala( drain) here he looks inside it and then barks and then looks again 

that day he was doing the same I was talking to my sister ,when I looked at him he was pooping the next moment I felt a sudden pull and my sister was screaming “Scott  Nale me” and he made those sounds ” kau,kau” he was trying to hold on he was not really in the nala he was half way falling I was like ” oh shit ! ” I started pulling the leash it didn’t work I told my sister to hold the leash I held him by his collar and then with all our force we pulled him out before he fell  in that  black water ,eww. We pulled him out and then you should have seen Scott he barked and barked and barked and barked at the Nala , I screamed at Scott like he is a kid who tried to suicide – marne ke liye kuda tha what were you doing in the nala and he wagged his tail and started jumping and  all my anger went away .

Scott and his toy sleeping side by side.🙈❤😍

Then it was once it had rained a lot I went with Scott he ran there was a lot of water and mud I slipped and  fell now my dog did what he had to came back looked at me I’m lying in the mud laughing ( I’m not right in my head I start laughing when I fall before any other person can .I feel I fall in the most hilarious ways possible)so he came and licked my face.once Scotty was chasing a cat the cat went under a car and I fell ( I never let go of his leash when I fall )so he after failed attempts to catch the cat came back found me laughing , when I laugh he thinks it’s a happy thing so he gets excited and he starts expressing his happiness and he licks my face.

he I remember as a puppy would turn his bed and get trapped under it and then he’d walk with the bed and would collide with everything till someone got him out.

( something of this sort happened.

(I didn’t have a nice camera wala phone back then , and I don’t have mamma ke phone ka memory card 😅.)

So it was like Scott please pic click krlo, please krlo , please look in the camera , he did. This day was my lucky day he posed for the first time he clicked a pic with me that too a selfie😍❤😘🙈

Bass you’re not lucky through out the day. the other pics from that day – he’d look in all directions just not where the camera is , remember? -he’s camera shy😂😘❤

He loves me , he loves me even when I get angry with him.he loves me when I don’t look all that pretty , he loves me when I mess with that eyeliner , he loves me when I’m not talking sense, he’ll never judge me for the things I say for the actions I do , he never loves me less rather he only loves me more and more everyday , 

if you want to fall in love , and be loved unconditionally – get a dog

People say dogs only ask for love , and food.

they don’t ask for love, they demand you pamper them , cuddle them they are no less than those girlfriends who keep you on your toes . They’d wake up and bite your toes so that you wake up ,they’d bark , they’d ask to taken for morning walks and in my case he scolds and argues and barks if you get late in taking him for his walks or in giving his food. He’d get jealous and argue if you cuddle the neighbour’s cat. And yes 

he snores, and he sleep talks and he also farts and burps 😂

He’s truly my bestest friend on earth. And each time I go out and come back home – I fall in love. With him all over again and a little more each day.



I am a person with the most self contradicting personality -shy till I don't know you.quiet till you are a stranger.impulsive.dreamer. I don't talk much to express myself I would rather write,draw ,paint or sketch . Mammas girl( and proud of that). there's not anything thing fancy about me.

20 thoughts on “The girl next door (#42)

      1. Haha, big responsibility though.
        Hate how some people buy them just as a token to show off and leave them to die when they cannot take care of it. Having a pet is, as you said, like having a kid. A kid that never grows up.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yeah secretly I want to adopt dogs while my friends want to adopt kids I don’t want to Angelina jolie I want to be more like 101 Dalmatians just that I’ll have a lot of different breeds : D

        Liked by 1 person

  1. It was so much fun to read those experiences. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. 😀
    No need to mention who I am longing for, the most – my Dog, which someday I will own. So yes, there was no chance that I would not like it. But most of all I loved the last stanza where you mentioned Scott getting jealous. That was like living an Aw moment and laughing moment, together. I mean who doesn’t like to have a friend who is possessive about you. 😉 ❤
    And tell Scott, I love him. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

      1. It was my pleasure Samridhi to get a dog-owner share her story. 🙂
        You would have dear, you would have loved writing it. If I, being not-an-owner, could enjoy writing mine, you would surely have. ❤

        Liked by 1 person

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