The girl next door (#49)


I don’t know if it’s love or  what ever
You already have a piece of my heart,

And I don’t want it back ,

There’s no fun in that.

Give me something new,

That belongs to you.

A piece of your heart ,

A promise never to part.

If you don’t fall for me,  

At least fall with me , 

If you don’t fall with me , 

At least catch me , 

If you don’t catch me, 

At least give me your hand,

C’mon help me stand. 

When you’ll be gone,

I’ll feel so Alone.

Don’t forget me please,

10 years down the line,


©Samridhi Dutta

p.s- my parents have their anniversary on Valentine’s day so I didn’t find time to write,I was busy celebrating ❤🎈.



I am a person with the most self contradicting personality -shy till I don't know you.quiet till you are a stranger.impulsive.dreamer. I don't talk much to express myself I would rather write,draw ,paint or sketch . Mammas girl( and proud of that). there's not anything thing fancy about me.

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