The girl next door (#51)

The Devil

There’s not a single day that went by, 

When I didn’t ponder upon what we did wrong.

We were just two third graders of about 7 to be precised.

I always feared his eyes, but she always said he was nice.

He became her friend, would tell her funny things. 

He always made her laugh,

Until one day he moved his hand all over her and touched her in all wrong places.

She cried, as I watched from the second last seat of the bus

I couldn’t watch anymore, scared I curled up.

Hoping I’d soon get home, 

 She got down before me,He told her it was all just for ‘fun’

Now it was my turn.

I could see it in those eyes, his thoughts that ran wild

I could see in his sly smile, he was up to  something that wasn’t right.

It was 3 in the afternoon, time for me to get back home.

I a child of 7 with two animals on board, 

One says ” let’s take her home”.

 I couldn’t help but cry ,

“I don’t want to go with you  , I want to go home”, as he turned the bus the other way.

I started crying and screaming ” that’s not the way to my home” I said, 

“I want to go home , I don’t know anything” 

He looked at me and laughed ” Whatever happened ,you’ll never speak of it. Only then shall we take you home “

His bloodshot eyes, 

A devil in human form,

Preying on little girls in uniform ,

” I won’t, I won’t.” I instantly agreed all I wanted was to be home. 

I went home scared , 

I had decided on not going to school ever again.

It took my mother one whole day to make me answer the usual ” how was your day ?”

I’d just start crying because of the haunting incidents , I was really scared.

At night when it was time to sleep , half awake I was asked again the same thing this time like – What happened beta , some one said something wrong to you at school today , did you get scolded tell me about it   ?

I told her everything from start to end with all my courage,

And in the end I told her – why I didn’t tell her all of this before ?

“Maa, he said he’ll take me home now if he comes to know I told you all of it . What would I do when takes me with him”

She hugged me so tight and with tears in her eyes , she told me to sleep with no worries ,as no one can take me anywhere.

The next day she woke me up at the usual 5:30 am dressed me up for school but I didn’t take the bus,

I’d be going there with my parents.

We went to the Principal’s room , I remember narrating the whole incident to everyone with my mother holding my hand.

The two got fired, towards the end of the year I changed my school.

It took me a very long time,

Almost a decade.

To finally believe that ,

Not all men are him , some are raised human.
©- Samridhi Dutta



I am a person with the most self contradicting personality -shy till I don't know you.quiet till you are a stranger.impulsive.dreamer. I don't talk much to express myself I would rather write,draw ,paint or sketch . Mammas girl( and proud of that). there's not anything thing fancy about me.

5 thoughts on “The girl next door (#51)

  1. too intense .. too painful feeling. it was good decision to tell it to mother or share it with someone close . so that they are aware of whats bothering you and will help you get over it.
    and for the cheap people , i have no words .. #onetightslap

    Liked by 1 person

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